Why shouldn’t I call my son Clint?

Have you ever met a Bruce who was innocent knucklehead? Do you think a girl called Sky has never sunbaked in the nude? Why is that? In the new app, called Name Guru, scroll through 2000+ names and discover the eerie relationship between the sound of your name and your personality! And, check your romantic compatibility with the one you either fancy, or wish you hadn’t!!

The list is a must for prospective parents and the struggling dinner-party host and a vital aid if you’re faced with one of the following scenarios...

  • You’ve either fallen pregnant
  • ‘Knocked-up your girlfriend
  • You work with an idiot and you wonder how they became an idiot.
  • Your parents didn’t have access to this list and they mysteriously called you Nigel, Colleen, Sharon or Kingston, and you wonder why people seem to treat you differently.
  • You need help getting your guests at the dinner-party to talk and/or laugh and/or think.